ERP implementation

ERP implementation is a long and time consuming process and every company enters into this journey with the intention of upgrading their processes and performance. ERP promises business intelligence (best in class MIS), integration of various functions of the Company, checks and balances, in short taking the company to next generation.

It involves major investment both in terms of management time and amount invested in implementation. However, not every implementation is successful. We come across as many, if not more failed attempt at implementation as there are successful implementations. And most of the times, the complaint is about the product.

Well, success or failure is a relative term, compared to the expectation from the product. We would rather say, it is not the success or failure of the ERP per se, but the implementation that is a success or a failure. One assured step towards successful implementation of ERP is hiring the services of functional partners in implementation.

To make your implementation a success , we adopt the following approach.

We understand your business, your expectation from the product and coordinate with the technical partners to make it a successful experience.

We do not take over from your team, but work along with them.

We partner from evaluation to finalisation and of course will be part of implementation.

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